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Are you new to the world of online casinos? This page is made for you, you will find answers to your questions as well as information on: What are the best online casinos? How do I play? How do I get my bonuses? What games are available and what are their rules? How to get more spin on the wheel? A directory of terms and technical words used by your favorite casino slots streamers in addition to answers to all your questions.

Actually there are many online casinos on the market and choosing a trusted casino that will perfectly suit you is not easy. First of all, you should know that there are 2 types of casinos:

● Online casinos with a crypto-currency deposit (such as Stake, Celsius, Gamdom..)
● Online casinos with Euros/BC deposit (such as Cresus): Cresus Casino

Each type of casino has its advantages and disadvantages: Registration and verification of personal information needed to start playing will be extremely simple and fast (almost instantaneous) for crypto-currency casinos (Stake for example only requires an email, a username, and a password in order to be able to directly deposit and play (which I must admit is impressive! ) Stake

For a new player without a little knowledge of crypto-currency, deposits will be easier at Euro/BC casinos (with the exception of Stake which allows you to make deposits in Bank Card/Euros via the crypto-currency purchase option directly integrated on their site) Stake

Another important thing to note is that if you make big winnings during your sessions, only crypto-currency casinos will allow you to withdraw instantly and live (Euro casinos can take several months to send the money, keep in mind that you are restricted in the number of monthly allowed withdrawals)

In order to choose the most suitable Casino for you, we invite you to read our full review of our partner casinos in the tab Casino Bonus HERE: Casino Bonuses

The Extrawin’s Trick: Here is also a video comparing online casinos to help you make your choice:

All of our online casino partners are accessible now without restrictions. If you want to start playing you have to create an account. Remember to register via our links here: Casino Bonuses to get exclusive welcome bonuses from our partner casinos

In order to claim your Casino Bonuses, simply go to the tab Casino Bonuses HERE-> Casino Bonuses
Firstly you will have to register at the casino of your choice with our link (use claim my bonus button) and then read the information for the claim of the bonus.

Concerning the Stake bonuses, after your registration through our link you will have to contact our Twitter support HERE *link to the twitter account*

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Extrawin is a new online casino affiliate website offering to its members the best online casino welcome and deposit bonuses through its exclusive partnerships. We also offer our members the opportunity to spin a prize wheel for free every day by registering on our website!

After registering on the site, you get 1 free spin per day.

You can earn extra free spins just by registering to one of our casino partners through our links or by inviting a friend / new member to the Extrawin website

Currently the wheel prizes vary from 0 to 100 $ with a Jackpot of 1000 $

In order to withdraw your winnings, simply go to your profile tab.

There is a jackpot every month that you can win at any time!

Categorized as a table game, blackjack is a popular game on betting platforms. The great interest of gambling players in this online casino entertainment is due to the simplicity of its operation and especially to the fact that it is very profitable for the player, who can reduce the advantage of the house to less than 1%. Let's take a closer look at free blackjack, its history, the game rules and how a blackjack game is played.

Roulette is a table game, just like blackjack, and has become a must for online casinos. It owes its popularity to the top-notch gaming experience it offers, its basic operation and especially its profitability, which can be incredible when Luck decides to be on the player's side. If you want to know more about free roulette, you've come to the right place! Here we explain the basics about this entertainment option, starting with a little history.

If there's one technology that has changed the gambling industry, it's Live Streaming. Adapted to online casinos a few years ago, live streaming which allows you to enjoy a gaming experience in real time has become very popular with players. This form of entertainment is referred to as live casino or live dealer casino.

The software provider Evolution is the torchbearer of the live game, and its masterworks such as Live Monopoly and Crazy Time have established themselves as highlights in the games offered by all casino operators. Our editorial staff has therefore decided to take you on a tour of these live casino titles.



When a streamer talks about "RAW" money, it means his own money without any help/bonus from the casinos. He can therefore withdraw his money at any time and without any conditions.


A wager is a condition imposed by casinos which means that you must place a certain amount before you can withdraw. It is usually applied if you take a 200% bonus (see below) or when casinos offer money to slot streamers. For example, if you take a 200% bonus and you have a x35 wager on it, this means that you must wager 35 times your starting balance before you can withdraw your winnings at the end of the wager. You can usually check your wager progress (in percentages) at any time at online casinos.


Here is a helpful video on the best machines and games that "wager" well (where you wager a lot without losing a lot) to help you maximize your chances of getting your 200% bonus or any bonus under the wager!

200% BONUS

This is a special type of bonus where the casino offers you 200% of the amount of your deposit. For example, if you deposit 200 euros, the casino will offer you 200% of 200 euros = 400 euros and you will start your session with 600 euros (200 euros from your pocket + the 400 euros offered by the casino). This kind of bonus is usually accompanied by a "wager" (amount you must wager) before you can withdraw.


Thanks to our partnership with Stake we offer you an excellent 200% Bonus (200 euro minimum deposit / 5000 euro maximum with a wagger x35). In order to take advantage of the bonus you must register HERE, and then request your bonus by contacting our Twitter support HERE

Hit: A hit is the amount of money you earn. Usually when we mention a Hit we mean large amounts of money.

x1000 x100: These are the multipliers you get when you hit. For example if you run a 3euro machine and you win 3000 euros you got a x1000

BJ: BJ is the diminutive of Black Jack

Flip: A flip represents having a 1 in 2 (50%) chance of winning a hand. This term is often used in the poker world but also in blackjack.

Bump: When a streamer/player manages to increase the balance of his casino account with a big win.

Balance: Balance of an account.

Wild: A wild is usually the best symbol in a slot machine. The role of the wild varies between slots, but

in general it aims to facilitate connections by taking the form of any symbol in the specific slot machine.

Retrigger: Having a retrigger is when you get the bonus of a machine again during the opening of the bonus of the machine.

Back to Back: When you get the bonus of a machine again and directly (or in just a few spins) after having already had it.

Disclaimer: The casino must remain an entertainment. You can win in the short term but you cannot win in the long term. Don't play beyond your capacity, play only what you can afford to lose.



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